Payday loan reform, School Choice, and more…

EFFORRTS TO SUPPORT WOMEN IN UNPLANNED PREGNANCIES are moving through the legislative process.  HB 2135 and SB 96 are tax credit bills for pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) that passed out of committee and will soon be on the House and Senate floors for debate.  The idea is to incentivize donations to these organizations so they can better help women with options other than abortion. 

Look for more discussion coming soon on a new Alternatives to Abortion Program in Kansas. Legislatively speaking, this program is embodied in HB 2429. The idea is to provide funding to PRC’s so they can help lead women in unplanned pregnancies to not only give birth to their babies, but assist them on the road of life. 

PAYDAY LOAN REFORM CONTINUES TO BE A LEGISLATIVE PRIORITY FOR THE KANSAS CATHOLIC CONFERENCE.  HB 2242 has not been scheduled for a hearing, but we continue to press forward on this legislation that will not eliminate the payday loan industry, but put in place reasonable guardrails so working families who need these short-term loans will not be unduly harmed or drawn into a debt trap. 

SCHOOL CHOICE.  The expansion of tax credits for low-income families seeking different educational opportunities for their children remains an active issue at the Kansas Statehouse. Along with establishing an educational savings account for qualified students.  These bills—HB 2048, SB 83, HB 2236, are supported by the Kansas Catholic Conference.  The idea is that we follow the teachings of the Catholic Catechism that states “Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children.” CCC 2223

Your prayers for our elected officials are a necessity.  If you don’t already pray for them daily, please consider adding them to your prayer list during this Lenten season.