Legislation we’ve been working on in the 2023 Session.

The Kansas Catholic Conference focuses on three main areas: Life, Marriage and Families, and Religious Liberty. Here is a brief list of other bills we have been supporting and/or following.

· SB 118: Expanding the duties of the secretary of health and environment when investigating maternal deaths to include promoting continuity of care, helping develop performance measures and establishing an external review committee to study cases and make recommendations to prevent maternal deaths.

· SB 83/HB 2048: Providing additional student eligibility under the tax credit for low income students scholarship program and increasing the amount of the tax credit for contributions made pursuant to such program.

· HB 2218: Establishing the Sunflower education equity act to provide education savings accounts for qualified students in Kansas.

· HB 2236: Establishing parents’ right to direct the education, upbringing and moral or religious training of their children including the right to object to harmful and inappropriate educational materials.

· HB 2313: Creating the born-alive infants protection act to provide legal protections for infants who are born alive regardless of the intent of the delivery.

· HB 2238: Creating the fairness in women’s sports act to require that female student athletic teams only include members who are biologically female.

For more current and up-to-date news of what the KCC has been doing, please give us a follow on Facebook- Kansas Catholic Conference. Or for questions, please reach out to Chuck Weber- Executive Director at chuck@kansascatholic.org, or Lucrecia Nold- Policy Specialist at lucrecia@kansascatholic.org.