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Dear Kansas Catholics,

The recent defeat of the Value Them Both state constitutional amendment is cause for mourning. 

Abortions in Kansas are already increasing at an alarming rate.  The Kansas abortion industry says it “can’t keep up” with demand. According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, more than NINE live dismemberment abortions are occurring in Kansas EVERY WEEK. A new abortion facility recently opened in the Kansas City area. Will more of these high profit killing centers follow?        

My heart is filled with humility and gratitude to the countless volunteers who did so much to help shed light on the insidious lies of the abortion industry during the campaign.  Despite our loss at the polls, your selfless efforts were not in vain.

Many are rightfully asking, “what happened?”  The short explanation is that the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs case ruling overturning the infamous Roe v. Wade decision ignited abortion industry supporters and their secular media co-conspirators in a campaign of lies. So-called “dark money” flowing in from out-of-state overwhelmed the message of Life. 

Legal scholar Elizabeth Kirk offers a more comprehensive analysis worth reading here:

To each person who valiantly defended the life of preborn babies and worked to protect women from the abortion industry, let me pledge to you on behalf of the Kansas Catholic Bishops that we will never give up. We will never surrender.  We will never abandon moms and their babies.

So, what’s next? 

More than anything else, our efforts moving forward must be rooted in prayer. This struggle for the dignity of the unborn and protection of women is first and foremost a spiritual battle. We consecrated our efforts for Value Them Both to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn.  She will not abandon us, her children. 

Please continue to ask Our Lady to plead with her Son to protect and defend the most vulnerable in our midst, including women with unplanned pregnancies from surrounding states now coming to Kansas. 

In addition to prayer, we must take concrete steps to help women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy.  These women come from diverse backgrounds and circumstances but almost always share the experience of sheer terror when confronting their unplanned pregnancy—very often alone. The abortion industry has convinced far too many that terminating their pregnancy is “the answer.” This is a disgraceful lie.  

Pregnancy resource centers (PRC’s) offer a loving, life-giving alternative.  There are dozens of PRC’s scattered throughout Kansas. Here is a great resource for finding Kansas pregnancy resource centers:  We need more welcoming places for women facing life and death decisions.  The Kansas Catholic Conference is seeking legislative paths to support and increase these valuable resources within our communities. 

Additionally, we can and should hold the abortion industry accountable to promises and statements they made during the Value Them Both campaign. This includes the secular news media.

Value Them Both, they claimed, was not necessary because the abortion industry in Kansas is already highly regulated.  Yet the Kansas State Supreme Court declared all prolife laws to be “presumed unconstitutional” if and when they are challenged. Will the abortion industry resist challenging Kansas abortion laws? If and when they go back on their word and challenge Kansas abortion laws, will the secular media hold them accountable?   

Despite the daily tragedy unfolding before us, we must continue to be a people of joy. If we cannot protect women and their preborn children legally, we must do it with love.

Thank you again for your faithfulness.  Our Redeemer lives—we must follow.

We persevere,

Chuck Weber

Executive Director, Kansas Catholic Conference

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